About the Homepage List

The DCN subscriber homepage list is compiled by a program that does a daily scan of subscriber public_html directories for homepage.html, homepage.htm, index.html or index.htm web pages.

If your homepage is NOT listed, it may be because:

  1. You do not have a public_html/homepage.html web page file;
  2. Your public_html directory is not world-readable; or,
  3. You've turned off your listing via the Publicity Options Setup page.

To make your public_html directory and everything in and under it world-readable, execute the command:

at the UNIX command prompt.

If your homepage IS listed, and you wish it wasn't, either visit the Publicity Options Setup page or execute the command:

chmod 711 ~/public_html
at the UNIX command prompt. Then, other users will be able to retrieve named files, but won't be able to scan the directory. When the subscriber homepage listing robot next looks for homepages, it won't find yours.

NOTE: You'll need to redo the "chmod" command each time you use the "set_html" command.