DCN Web Page Setup

So you want to make a web page?

This is what you need:

  • A Telnet or SSH program (this allows you to access the UNIX shell)

  • A text-editing or web-page-creation program

  • An FTP or SCP program to copy files from your computer to the web server

  • Patience

    Well then let's begin...

    1. Web Page Basics
    2. Your going to have to learn HTML basics or learn to use a web-page editing program. Visit "Other Resources" on the DCN Information Providers page. This will have (among other things) links to outside HTML reference and learning pages. Also, if you are a DCN subscriber, you can sign up for free DCN web classes--contact admin@dcn.davis.ca.us for more information.

    3. Create an HTML Directory
    4. You must create a public_html directory in your UNIX shell account using your SSH (Secure SHell) or Telnet program. Use Telnet or SSH to connect to wheel.dcn.davis.ca.us. Choose the "Unix Prompt" menu option if find yorself in a menu program. The command-line prompt will look something like:
      yourlogin@wheel ~> 
      At the prompt type this line (then return): mkdir public_html

      Now type this line (then return): set_html

      This changes the UNIX securites on all files and subdirectories inside public_html so that they can be seen by web browers (but not touched).

    5. Putting Your HTML Files Into public_html
    6. Start up your FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or SCP (Secure CoPy) program, point it to wheel.dcn.davis.ca.us (the web server) and copy your sample HTML files into your account's "public_html" directory.

      Note: Your main web page should have the name homepage.html or index.html. Do this, and all you have to do to access your page (with your browser) is to type:


        instead of:


      This also works on the main pages of any subdirectories within public_html.

    7. Try It Out...
    8. Start your web browser and open your new web pages by type the line below. Type your login name where it says userid (the tilde ( ~ ) must go before your login name):


      If it doesn't work check over the last couple steps to make sure they were done correctly.

    9. What's next

      The day after you first create a public_html directory, an automated program will create an alias that will allow you use an address like:

      Your web site will also automatically be listed in the public directory at: If you don't want your site listed, visit the DCN Publicity Options Page and fine-tune your publicity options.