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DCN Specific FAQs

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* Addresses of DCN Mail/News/WWW Servers (7/15/96)

* DCN Minimum Hardware & System Requirements

* EWAN telnet vt-100 not recognized by wheel

* PPP login scripts for Mac & PC/Windows



* Davis Community Network Info & Registration (4/22/96)


DCN Admin

* Automatic logoff when idle, hourly charges (4/25/96)

* Checking home directory disk storage allocation

* Counting hours online DCN, over-hours notification (update 6/13/96)

* DCN 28.8 Individual Account Service Application (8/7/96)

* DCN password changes (forgotten/non-working, changing)

* Four-Hour Modem Call Limitations

* Getting accounts for multiple household members (6/20/96)

* How to get PPP software disks

* Online modem timer software (6/13/96)

* Where to Direct DCN Billing Questions


Domain Name Service

* Applying for Domain Name Service (9/18/96)

* Domains in Web Pages, Virtual Hosting (9/18/96)

* Sample Domain Name Application from InterNIC

* Sample Domain Name Registration Invoice from InterNIC



* Changing Your E-mail name (7/18/96)

* Eudora FAQ- what it is, how to get it (2/19/96)

* Eudora serial connection/dialup script not supported

* FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses

* Forwarding DCN e-mail: your options.

* Pine e-mail secrets (from the Pine creators)

* Pine problem - interrupted messages (4/5/96)

* Updating from Eudora 2.0.xx to Eudora Pro (2/19/96)

* Windows Eudora 2.0.2 to Pro Update Instructions (2/19/96)



* Help for Internet Relay Chat (IRC II)



* ISDN Availability at DCN (4/22/96)



* Downloading Mac Eudora (10/26/95)

* Downloading Mac Netscape (06/10/96)

* Mac EudoraPro (ver 2.1.3) readme file

* Mac Global Village modem configuration and init strings

* Mac Kermit Setup and Usage (7/15/96)

* Mac Modem Init Strings for Dialing-up

* Printing Mac System 6.xx email messages w/Kermit


Macintosh PPP

* FreePPP FAQ, MacPPP & Open Transport. (1/30/96)

* Mac FreePPP Configuration & [auto]Login Script (6/7/96)

* Mac Open Transport (and PPP, FreePPP)

* Mac PPP Automatic Login Script (6/7/96)

* Mac PPP Login Script, Usage, Older Script Hang Fix (9/19/96)

* MacPPP errors and possible solutions

* MacTCP configuration (9/18/96)


Mailing Lists

* How to subscribe to a mailing list (5/21/96)

* Instructions for Majordomo List Owners

* Majordomo "help" command results



* FAQs about FAQs (from news.announce.newusers newsgroup)

* PGP: What it is and how to get it (7/18/96)



* 28.8 modem FAQ web page

* Keeping Modem Calls Private, Line-In-Use Indicator (6/18/96)



* News server info, "tin" host news program

* Newsgroup access from non-DCN Internet accounts

* Printing Newsgroup Postings from tin (7/30/96)



* Different methods of contacting DCN for help (7/15/96)

* PC/Mac User Groups in Davis & Sacramento (4/5/96)

* Support Hours, location, etc. (7/15/96)

* System Announcements

* Training Classes & the Training Committee

* Using the DCN Automated FAQ (Embot) program

* Volunteering with DCN


UNIX/Shell Account

* Bypassing The DCN Lynx Menu

* Changing Your "finger" Name

* Cleaning up Wheel home directory files

* Downloading Files, Viewing Home Directory

* Editing UNIX text files on wheel, Pine .signature file

* Pine and Lynx Menus' arrow key usage (5/6/96)

* Resuming The DCN Lynx Menu

* The DCN text-only (Lynx) Menu



* DNS Problems with TCP manager (7/18/96)

* Downloading PC Netscape 2.x (02/28/96)

* TCP Manager gives "rejected" message upon login

* TCP Manager(Trumpet) manual login for Windows

* TCP Manager/Trumpet normal login (9/12/96)

* TCP Manager/Trumpet Winsock Auto-Login (7/30/96)

* Trumpet Winsock doesn't always give IP address (7/17/96)

* Windows TCP Manager(Trumpet Winsock) config files

* Windows/TCP Manager & modem problems


Windows 95

* General DCN/Windows95 Info (7/15/96)

* Other Win95 Web Resources

* Setting up your Windows95 Connection to DCN (9/19/96)

* Win95 Dial-Up Script for Automated Logon. (9/19/96)



* Davis Virtual Market: Contact Information (5/96)

* Getting your business listed on the DCN Web pages

* Why do some Web sites connect slowly?