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DCN Web Tools: MHonArc

MHonArc is a Perl program by Earl Hood that converts mailbox files to a series of linked HTML pages. MHonArc is provided for DCN members as a web authoring tool, and it can be run from the command line while you are logged in to your shell account.

DCN Committee members should be sure to read Publishing your DCN committee minutes with MHonArc.

Local MHonArc Resources:
Program: /usr/local/etc/httpd/wwwlib/mhonarc
Documentation Table of Contents
FAQ Table of Contents
List of Command Line Options

Examples and Configuration Files:

Some example MHonArc configuration files are provided in the directory /usr/local/etc/httpd/wwwdocs/tools/mhonarc/examples/. The configuration files starting in DCN* will output pages according to DCN web page templates. The other configuration files were provided in the standard distribution. Three sample archives are available locally for your review:

1. minutes_archive/ A sample archive using DCN.rc
2. minutes_archive2/ A sample archive using DCN_nothread.rc
3. minutes_archive3/ A sample archive using no configuration file
(MHonArc default settings only)

The currently installed version of MHonArc is 2.1.

See Also:
The MHonArc homepage at UC Irvine

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