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Explanation of sample-header.xhtml

<title>Sample Search Header Title</title>
<body BGCOLOR="#000000" TEXT="#C0FFC0">
<h1>Your search turned up...</h1>
<h2>(Sample search header)</h2>

Write the header file just like you would the beginning of a normal HTML file. Include the normal <html>, <head>, etc. tags and any information you wish to be included before the search engine results are returned. Do not place the closing tags </body> or </html> in the header file -- these would be placed in the footer file.

The footer filename must end in .xhtml. You can point to the header file in a form using just the name if the header file is in the same directory as your index file. If the file is located in another directory, the full UNIX path is required (e.g. /home/wheel/public_html/header.xhtml).

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