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Kirsti, 4th grade, Zamora Elementary
The project's lead organization is:
Davis Community Network
Richard Lowenberg, Executive Director, Project Coordinator
  The project is funded by:
Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB): CivNet Grant
US Geological Survey: National Spatial Data Infrastructure Program (NSDI): Grant
US Army Corps: Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC): Contract
Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI): GIS software donation
  Project partners include:
California Resources Agency:
  California Environmental Resources Evaluation System (CERES);
  Land Use Planning Information Network (LUPIN);
  Watershed Information Technical System (WITS)

City of Davis
County of Yolo
Davis Joint Unified School District
University of California at Davis:
  Distributed Computing Analysis & Support (DCAS);
  Advanced Network & Scientific Applications (ANSA);
  Information Center for the Environment (ICE);
  Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (DANR)

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
Water Resources Association of Yolo County
Yolo Area Regional Network
Yolo Basin Foundation
Yolo County Flood Control and Water Conservation District
Yolo County Resource Conservation District

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