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Who    Participating Organizations  

The Project Coordinator and Contact is:
Richard Lowenberg,
DCN Executive Director


The Davis Community Network (DCN) is the lead organization for this project.
     We were generously funded by grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the U.S. Geological Survey as well as a software donation by Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI).
     Our project would not have been as robust as it is without significant help from our partners. We are grateful to the contributions of the California Resources Agency, City of Davis, County of Yolo, Davis Joint Unified School District, University of California at Davis, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, Water Resources Association of Yolo County, Yolo Area Regional Network, Yolo Basin Foundation, Yolo County Flood Control and Water Conservation District and Yolo County Resource Conservation District.
A complete list of Participating Organizations with links to their respective websites is available here.


What    Public Information, Decision-Support Project  

The WaterWorks web site is intended to help its users better understand the Cache-Putah Creek Watershed and the public issues which can determine the future quality of life of this bioregion.
     It provides tools and information resources which help users visualize, read, analyze and discuss the complex factors involved in the physical and social ecosystem, supporting users' abilities to participate in making smarter life- influencing decisions.
When    1997-2000  

The WaterWorks project was initiated in 1997. Phase one is inception, development and trial implementation. Phase two is a period of active use and continuing improved application, during which time its decision-support structure will be applied to other arenas of online-assisted civic processes.
Where    Cache-Putah Creek Watershed in Yolo County  

WaterWorks is focusing its attention upon the bioregional watershed.
     Cache Creek flows from the north-central California hills of Lake County, down through the Capay Valley of Yolo County to the Sacramento River.
     Putah Creek, also originating in Lake County, flows through Napa County hills and valleys to Lake Berryessa, and forms the Solano- Yolo County boundary as it winds its way past Davis toward the Sacramento river.
     Willow Slough and other waterways irrigate the valleys and fertile agricultural fields in between.
     In its pilot phase, the project pays particular attention to the issues that arise within and impact Yolo County.
Why    To help create a smarter, healthier community  

The Internet is the most potent form of tele-media since the emergence of radio and television. It can inform us and entertain us. It can offer great commercial and educational opportunities. It is radically changing our local and global society.
     The Internet is also a medium that can help democratize decision making; if people take responsibility for lifelong education and knowledge-building; creating communities of interest and learning.
     WaterWorks seeks to demonstrate the potentially informative, educating and decision-supporting capabilities of the Internet to benefit diverse people living in an increasingly complex and fragile environment.
How    Internet/WWW Integrated Tools and Resources  

The WaterWorks web toolkit is designed to provide routes to online sources of maps, documents, hydrological simulations, discussions, and additional information resources.
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