DCN Web Author Tools

  1. Would a hit-count graphic on your homepage make you feel loved? Check out all the ways Count.cgi can advertise your desire for attention.
  2. Want to use forms in your web pages? Use the mailform script to email form responses to your DCN email address.
  3. Trying tables? Use this interactive web page to generate an HTML table for you.
  4. Making use of the DCN list server? A script by a DCN member makes it easy for readers to subscribe to a list server from a web page.
  5. set_html is a UNIX command file available on Wheel that will set the correct permissions make your web pages visible and readable.
  6. Would you like to add an interactive quiz to a web page? QuizMaster makes it easy!
  7. Allow visitors to search your personal or organizational World Wide Web pages with the DCN "Personal" Search Engine.
  8. Archive your organization's mail to HTML with MHonArc.
    (This supplants Hypermail, which is no longer supported by DCN).
  9. After a little more? The web team maintains a library of extensions for the Perl programming language.